Microwave Coal Drying | Coal Drying Technology | Drycol

A significant advance in fuel improvement processing for three major industries


steel producers

Drycol offers steel producers the ability to maximise their efficient use of expensive fuel coal, substantially increasing lump coke yield, stabilising both coke and steel production regardless of season or weather conditions, reducing coke battery maintenance, and reducing production costs through the potential for applying alternative coal purchasing and blending strategies.


electricity generators

Drycol offers electric power generators the ability to maximise their efficient utilisation of fuel coal by reducing feed moisture to optimum levels, and enabling the increasing use of lower-rank, higher moisture fuels.


coal miners

Drycol offers coal miners the ability to safely, efficiently, accurately and effectively dewater coal fines, increasing the total recoverability of limited mine reserves and presenting blending opportunities that provide the potential to significantly extend and improve the value of saleable products.